The soul of woman journeys through a biological marinade of our ancestors.

We can  get lost in this "soup",and create beliefs and strategies that become the subtle backdrop of our lives.

The shame we feel,for instance, is not just our shame ,but travels down through our ancestral line ,and lives in the cells of our body.This doesn't mean that it belongs to us. We create lifestyles and stories, act out dramas from these subtly held beliefs.

So much shock and trauma are involved in taking on this human woman's body.

And our souls cannot truly incarnate into shock and trauma.The energy field is too rigid and dense,

The biology too geared to physical  survival,  so then our lives path orientates around this patterning.

"Our biology becomes our biography".

When we truly invite our soul to birth ,we become so much more deeply aware of all that keeps us rigid and holding on .

On our path as soulfull women ,we welcome all that is showing up in the here and now, all of it,

And we find ways to become "big"enough ,courageous enough, connected enough to feel it as it is ,or as much of it as we can bare to in any given moment.

There is a shattering, but it is not of our essence, but of our closely held survival strategies.

We give thanks for these strategies, they have done a good job.

We know that the time is now,

That we can wait no longer to to say yes to this life  force, this  shakti ,this breath of life,

That is calling to embody ,

So that our feminine  soul and the feminine  soul of our planet can truly be born.

She will renew herself anyway, she will die and be born again, again and again.

But consciousness is calling ,the ancient wise feminine voice is calling.

We know ,we know.

We have forgotten so much of this wisdom.

We have tried so many models,

So many "spiritual"traditions,

So many self help books and workshops,

But all we truly need is to embody our essence, birth our soul, find our roots,

As women ,together.

At this time it is more important than ever for us to heal the separation, the betrayal and the fear that can come between us as women.We all have our stories, we all have our “herstory”, and we all have our highly tuned strategies and defences to cope with all that we carry around as women.We are not only carrying around this lifetimes story as a woman ,but also the stories and experiences of our female ancestral line.

Under the defences, the strategies and coping mechanisms ,there is an awakening to our innate cyclically nature, to our innate connection with the world around us ,the earth beneath us, and to the vibrational pulse of life.

Women are naturally relational beings and when our defences feel safe enough to soften a little, we can find ourselves remembering the power of our relational selves, our irrational selves, and so much of ourselves that we have somehow learnt to believe is inherently “wrong”.

In our circle of women we can begin to explore the creative power of our wombs, whether we are

Still menstruating or not.We can begin to share with each other more deeply, healing the separation that has kept us apart and isolated for so long.

Being part of a circle, gives us community and support ,that was once upon a time natural to women.We can put down the heavy load of competitiveness ,we can breathe out, we can feel the myriad of emotions, and still be welcomed in the truth of how it is for us.We no longer have to hide.”I am welcome as I am, you are welcome as you are”.We are changeable and that is natural.We are cyclical ,wild and untamed deep at our core.

There are many ancient and simple practices that we can explore as women together, to support us coming home to ourselves and our innate belonging.

I have been blessed to have many years of experience in “Shakti meditation dance”,which is derived from an ancient yogini tradition,and was taught to me by Elisabeth Joseph Serra ,about 10 years ago.This simple but profound dance,is a way of uncoiling our latent innate energy, the life force pulsating in the core of our being.When we start to move with this pulse we start to come home to ourselves and to our belonging.I offer this in our women's circles as one way of finding our way back to our cyclical, powerful, connected nature .

There are many other simple relational practices that can support us as women to feel the tenderness beneath the place that has to “manage”life.Simple touch, listening to each other, and hearing ourselves, movement, fire rituals, and prayers.

Through these practices,  that arise from what is felt and needed at the time and the season that we find ourselves in, we automatically start to uncoil the layers that have kept us isolated.We have the chance to be seen and received in our vulnerability and our power, and most importantly in our innate belonging to ourselves and the “mystery”.

The circle is the potent alchemical container that holds safety, ground and the sacred.What happens in the circle is confidential and treated with respect and reverence.

I have been part of women's circles for 30 years, and I know that even at times when it hasn't been comfortable it has been healing and supportive beyond words, and has brought me more deeply home to myself.I feel an intimacy and love and acceptance with the women I have shared with that goes beyond time, status, age, location and walk of life.

I feel strongly called to support all women to feel this awakening to themselves and the community of women at this time on our planet.

We are intrinsically connected to the earth, and Her nature around us, and when we start to come home to our innate womanhood,(wombman),we also come home to Her.It is a true blessing for our world.

All of this work is dedicated to women around the world, doing so much for humanity, and to all the women that have gone before us ,feeling the bounds and fighting for our freedom ,in their own unique way.

With gratitude and love ,that I find myself in this sacred moment ,an “awakening”woman.

There is a journey.

The ancients called it "The Heroine’s Journey",

A quest or a pilgrimage.

To be able to sit in the authentic wisdom of our woman's soul,

We need to take  a journey,

And we need to return.

If we look back at the ancient traditions,

The stories of our land and others,

There is always a journey involved.

This journey shakes us up,

It wakes us up,

It takes us home changed ,deeply on the inside.

Then there is the work to do,

How to be with this inner change in our lives.

This change that has taken us closer to our true essence,

How do we live this?

We need community,

A circle of sisters,

However small,

That are our 'reality check'

Who remind us that the path we choose to tread,

Is one that no longer betrays our soul,

That serves the truth of life ,

That no longer listens to other people's opinions

Of who we should be.

This isn't a quick fix formula to have it all,

Shiny and safe,

It is a deep courageous commitment

To dive deeply into the well of our being,

A commitment to face our shadows ,

Our contractions ,and our subtle contracts we made

When we birthed into a human body .

To truly be here, in our woman's body,

Birthing our souls essence,

We need to make a descent,

That can challenge all of the places that we stay above

our true embodiment.

If we look at the indigenous elders of our planet,

They are embodied, not transcended,

The elders are calling us now,

Reminding us now,

That it is time now, to descend, to reclaim our

Womanly ,earth connectedness.

If we transcend before we make this descent,

There is no polarity,

And it is within  the polarity that ,

We find the creativity, the possibility for transformation.

Photo by Cara Mia -www.caramiapetersen.co.uk