"A ritual is a ceremony in which we call in spirit to be the driving force the overseer of our activities. It is a way for us to find our way to wholeness, peace, self-acceptance, and acceptance of others. Ritual allows us to connect with the self, the community, and the natural forces around us. Ritual helps us to remove blocks between us and our true spirit.

 The purpose of rituals is to take us to a place of self-discovery and mastery. In this sense ritual is to the soul ,what food is to the physical body"  - Sobonfu Some


I didn't really know why, but I loved ritual all my life ,from convent days ,to making flower Potions, as a child. Later on when I had my own children we would make alters honouring the season we were in. Lighting a candle and giving thanks for our food was also an important ritual for our family. These rituals made my day and our home feel richer, it truly did feel like it was feeding our soul life.

As time went on I felt the calling for more and deeper rituals in my life.These came along with the shadow of ritual.The rituals that were done but didn't mean anything, that hiding behind ritual as a way to avoid relational love and honouring. I fought against rituals for a time, that my head said they didn't make sense., “it was a load of paraphernalia, too complex and too rigid."

I was lucky enough to have a teacher and a desire to surrender, so despite my head I learnt to deepen into certain rituals that showed me a power that my mind didn't believe was possible.

It was like having to be willing to surrender to the actions, the intent and having the discipline to

Show up even when I didn't want to. This created a container for me to rest into.It gave me a  groundedness, and a backbone, it gave me structure and a portal in which to dive into.For that I am truly grateful.

My experience is that the rituals we give our love, devotion and care too, magnify our prayers and intentions, heal us and the world around us.

I offer ritual space for individual and group healing. This creates a vessel, a container, for the power greater than ourselves to come through. I have over 20 years of experience in holding rituals for groups of people, and individuals in many different forms.

I offer rituals and ceremonies that can be catered to your own specific needs; I can be a “space” holder for your own created rituals. I can guide you in your creation of rituals and ceremonies that meet your needs.

Photo by Cara Mia -www.caramiapetersen.co.uk
Photo by Cara Mia -www.caramiapetersen.co.uk