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"Kanchan was with me throughout my birthing,and it would have been much harder without her.She helped me feel relaxed and gave me various remedies,and supported my partner and my mum who were present.Kanchan helped me antenatally ,writing a birth plan,and also postnatally.

My baby girl ,Areya ,received craniosacral therapy within her first week to help after a difficult delivery" - Madeleine (Exeter)

What is a Doula?

The actual definition of a Doula is "a woman who serves"
A Birth Doula is a woman who serves the mother/family in later pregnancy ,during labour and in the first weeks of new motherhood.

How does a birth doula serve?
Doulas provide support in birth preparation for parents and families, for example planning, information of birthing options, listening carefully to what is important for you and reflecting this in a way that helps you realise the essence of your wishes that can be adhered to no matter what happens. Doulas are non medical but are trained and experienced,in optimal birthing positions, in the knowledge of the different stages of labour and what may be needed for the mothers enhanced care.

Doulas are also trained in emotional support and communication skills, working with the medical staff to ensure the best possible environment for parents and the baby. It is well known that having a doula present at the birth reduces the amount of interventions needed, reducing the risks to mother and baby. It is the intention of a doula to protect and enhance the environment for mothers to feel safe and at ease.

In nature, animals will choose to birth in safe places, if there is a stress inducing environment, this will hinder labour and increase the risk of complications. In today's understaffed hospitals, there can be a lot of stress present, and it will be the doulas job, not only to provide continuation of presence, but to support a calming environment for everyone present.

A doula will be able to support the wishes of the parents, perhaps at a time when the labour is accelerating, and it could be easy to loose focus. Postpartum doulas can help with the bonding, by offering support and reassurance, advice and care.

What is a transitional Doula?

There are many transitions in life.Of course the big ones are birth and death ,but we go through many smaller transitions during our life.For example puberty,changing jobs,or school,moving house,relationship breakups/divorce,bereavement,menopause,illness.These times can be extremely challenging.When things aren't how they used to be,and things aren't how they are going to be.Learning to deal with life in a new way,brings with it many hurdles to overcome.As a transitional doula I support and create safe space for you to explore where you find yourself and I support you to become more resourced during these challenging times.

I use my years of training and experience with clients, alongside my personal learning ,and exploring during my own challenging,changing times,to create ground for you to feel held and empowered in the vulnerability that you are living through.

I offer personal sessions in my home /work space as well as Skype.

Sometimes it is possible to do some home visits,locally.

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