I offer CACAO  ceremonies as a chance to explore the medicine of this sacred plant teacher,that most of us have been consuming for years.I create a safe sacred space ,where we drink the CACAO sacrament together and journey to feel and receive her medicine.

The CACAO ceremony will then become a creative container to explore the “Unknown” through meditation, movement, listening in nature, writing or drawing, and sharing our inner world with ourselves and each other.

Every CACAO ceremony looks a little different as it is catered for whoever is present and also will be influenced by the time of year and the phases of the moon,and the creativity that arises in the moment as we gather and set our intentions together.

I offer these ceremonies as “one offs” or a continuing practice.I also can join other retreats as an added support and experience.


Ceremonial cacoa,is a high grade Cocoa used for ritual and medicinal purpose.

Ixcacao,is one of the names given to the  Cacao Deva and holds the mystery as well as the history of Cacao.

For me she holds a feminine quality that brings us into deep connection with the earth and our embodiment.She transmits a sense of an ancient wise  mother archetype.

I feel she has brought this ancient gift to the forefront of our attention at this specific time on our planet,and I feel her medicine is a healer , an opener and a connector,to bring us more in tune with our embodied soul essence.

Cacao ,in its raw state is an ancient superfood,it has been used as a sacred medicine in the south americas for thousands of years.

Ceremonial Cacao is a high grade bean,made into a paste and then into an elixir.

It contains many potent qualities,including endorphin's, anandamide(from the Sanskrit word ananda meaning bliss),serotonin, dopamine, phenylethlamine, arginine, theobromine and magnesium.

Apart from  Cacoa's amazing chemical healing properties,its alchemy is an aid for us to become more present and in tune with ourselves,it helps us relax and connect with our "felt sense" of our bodies.She "takes us down"into our wombs and our earth connection.She supports the embodiment of our soul and our unique essence.

Ixcacao embraces the dark and the light.She is a truth seeker and helps us connect with what is truly happening for us underneath our daily coping mechanisms.

Ixcacao is also a heart healer and an awakener of our sensual nature.


 "This is the age of liberation

 Liberation from separation

 Time to know the way home

 To all that is true,

 All that is you.

 Flow through the juice

 Of the blood and the bones,

 Through the heart break

 The fear quake

 The cringe of shame.

 Come come daughter

 Know who you are,

Underneath the stories

Of a lifetimes game

Ancient temples await.

Resting places for body and soul

 Re connection,

 Dark portals to my soft embrace,

 Deep rest


Kanchan(given to me by Ixcacao in a ceremony)

There are some guidelines for the cacao ceremony.

It is important to fast for a minimum of 3hours before hand

(But no longer than 5 ,as this could make you too weak)


Keep well hydrated before and after the ceremony.


Cacao doesn't mix well with dairy and caffeine,

So it is advisable to avoid these in the few hours after taking her.


Cacao is contra indicated if you have a serious heart problem or if you are taking antidepressants.

Photo by Cara Mia