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What is Craniosacral Therapy for babies?

Craniosacral therapy for babies is a gentle, but profound way of making contact with your baby. By listening to your babies subtle fluid movements it is possible to receive information about how your babies system is functioning. Your baby can stay fully dressed and held by you. Through hands on and off and observation of certain movements, and listening to your babies sounds I will gather information on how to make contact with your baby and extremely gently encourage release of any strains that are causing discomfort.

I will work with the movements that your baby is already making, as this is usually your babies innate body wisdom trying to create greater ease. Through the gentle inducement of still points in your babies system, I will be facilitating more inner space to support your baby to find its own equilibrium, and deeper sense of peace. Through feeling your babies nervous system usually by gentle contact with the sacrum, it is possible to facilitate a discharge of any stress present resulting in the baby settling and feeling more content and restful.

Crying babies

When babies are excessively crying it is usually because they are trying to tell us something. It can be very challenging for you as parents because of the sheer exhaustion and inability to know what your baby needs. Also when a baby cries it activates our nervous system and our own unresolved stresses we have stored. Sometimes a baby cries because she or he is hungry, wet, bored or in discomfort in the present moment (Karlton Terry refers to this as needs crying). If this is the case these needs can be met, and craniosacral can address some discomfort needs, e.g. trapped nerves, excessive tension and compressions in your babies tissues after birth. Other times ,when all of your babies needs seem to be met, he /she is still crying, it can feel worrying and frustrating, feeling helpless to know what to do, often times making parents feel like they are getting something wrong, or there must be something wrong.
This is the tricky part, babies also cry as their only way to express and often need to tell us of their experience, maybe some part of their birth, pre or post birth experience (Karlton Terry refers to this as memory crying) In my experience of listening to babies crying and making spacious craniosacral contact at this time I find it often possible to get to understand what the baby is trying to express, and in turn support you as parents to hear your baby on a more emotional, personal level. It can be very moving ,and a great relief, it deepens the bonding experience and creates a whole new way of communicating with your baby.

We get to know the difference between the different cries and it's like we learn their language, before they learn ours, it can be profound. I find again and again, like ourselves when a baby is really heard and "met" with empathy and understanding,
it creates a deep healing space, allowing a physical and psychological resolving of any trauma left in his/her system after birth.


As parents,especially  new parents,we can feel at times a little lacking in confidence.I support parents to listen and trust their “gut”feeling.Parents are actually the expert of their own babies needs ,and sometimes this just takes a little reassurance.I am guided by you as parents ,and your baby.In return I do my best to to meet and welcome you in a relational authentic way.

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